Significant Assistance is Available

You read about it every day - but the task of accessing public-sector support for your company seems daunting. Let the Javelin Group work with you to access those resources - federal, state, local - that can support your growth in New York State. Javelin works with its clients to develop a comprehensive strategy focused on securing economic development and R&D support, as well as establishing valuable partnerships, to achieve client growth.

Economic Development Consulting

There is an array of economic development tools out there to support corporate growth in New York State. The challenge rests in clearly defining the scope of expansion projects, and identifying which people and resources should come to the table to develop a winning proposal.

Economic development in New York State continues to evolve and is now driven by regional economic development councils and strategies. How does your firm position itself to meet the objectives of those councils and win support?

Research Grants Consulting

Many organizations provide informational programming to educate businesses about state and federal resources that are available. From SBIRs and STTRs, to BAAs, RFPs, GSA schedules, and others. But, how can a firm position itself to win?

A good idea or technology is not enough. Most federally sponsored R&D programming is designed with particular contractors in mind - though solicitations are presented as "competitively sourced." Your strategy must include developing relationships with the right program managers within a target agency or agencies. Without that, the likelihood of winning funding is low.

As most of us also recognize today, collaboration is a key approach to successfully innovate. Business - large and small - cannot afford to maintain or build R&D infrastructures on its own. De-risked success rests in leveraging others' resources.

Javelin can help you develop partnerships with research centers, national labs and others to expand upon your range of capabilities, and aid you in developing winning proposals to federal or state funding agencies.

Multiple sources of funding are available, depending on your needs

Javelin has written and been awarded funding through private and corporate foundations, and other quasi-governmental agencies. We have worked with non-profits to help them obtain funding for programs from helping get people back to work, to scholarships for students to attend STEM camps. Javelin also is well positioned to aid in accessing the Economic Development Administration's process for obtain federal capital dollars. Contact us to set up a time to discuss your requirements.

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